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Our Menu

Please contact us for a customized quote for your special event. 208-697-3167 or


Pulled Pork

Our pork shoulder roasts are slow smoked for 12-15 hours over a mixture of apple, pecan, and hickory wood.

Sweet Honey Chicken

Smoked with Apple wood and glazed with a honey BBQ sauce.


Our Choice Angus Beef Brisket is slow smoked over post oak that we special order from Texas. Brisket is our favorite, and we're confident that it will be your new favorite too!

Baby Back Ribs

Slow smoked with Hickory and Apple Wood.

St. Louis Style Spare Ribs

St. Louis cut spare ribs slow smoked with Hickory/Apple wood.

Pork Loin Roast

Smoked with Apple wood and served with a chipotle peach glaze.

Pit Roasted Prime Rib

Prime Rib slow smoked with Texas post oak.

Beef Tri-Tip

Tri-tip smoked with Red Oak then grilled to medium rare. (or your preference)


Honey Mesquite Roasted Corn

Baked Beans

Ranch Beans

Garlic Red Potatos

Smoked Idaho Baker

Creamy Cole Slaw

Yukon Tater Salad

Green Beans w/ Andouille Sausage

Green Salad w/ Assorted Dressing

Dinner Roll w/ butter


We can provide an assortment of appetizers such as sausage bites, hot wings, jalapeno poppers, etc. Give us a call and we can discuss appetizer options and pricing.

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