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 About us...


  My love of BBQ began when I was a very young. My Mother required us kids to prepare a dinner for the rest of the family one night a week. We were alotted one pound of ground beef.  Since I wasn't fooled by that very popular boxed item that made the erroneous claim to "help hamburger", I struck out into my own culinary territory. My meal usually ended up being some sort of a BBQ Sloppy Joe concoction. My Father (who began to loathe BBQ Sloppy Joes) often voiced his opinion about my dinner nights. His reasoning could have sprouted from my experimental stage where pretty much any spice I could find in the cupboard had a good chance of making it's way into my creation. Sometimes it turned out well and other times it didn't, but my family graciously ate it anyway. 

Dublin, Texas was one of the places we were privledged to live for a time. We moved there to work on a family dairy. It was 1987 in the 6th grade when I experienced beef brisket for the first time. In fact, it was served for school lunch on Fridays. Brisket Friday quickly became my favorite. Paired with a Dublin Dr. Pepper or a Big Red Soda, school lunches were elevated to a whole new level.

Since that time I have constanty been learning the art of BBQ. We've come a long way since I was 8 years old making BBQ Sloppy Joes. Even far enough to start a catering business providing traditional slow smoked BBQ with some Dutch Oven cooking mixed in. Taking the inspriration of Central Texas BBQ we have created a menu with our adopted Texas roots in mind. In 2013 we even went on a Central Texas BBQ tour to make sure we were doing it right. We made it to some of the best BBQ restaurants in Texas, 23 in all. I think we are definitely on the right track, providing some good Texas style BBQ with an Idaho twist.

Jen and I would like to thank our families and friends for their support along our BBQ journey. Without them we wouldn't have the blessing of doing what we love for a living. Most importantly I would like to thank my Mother for teaching me to cook and my Father for his ability choke down those BBQ sloppy joes without too much complaining. Although now he has no problem munching down tri-tip, ribs, beef sausage, or sneaking the end cut from a freshly sliced brisket.


Central Texas BBQ Tour 2013










Sausage and Brisket at Stiles Switch and Brew

Tootsie @ Snow's BBQ

Tootsie @ Snow's BBQ

Big Red and Brisket at Snow's BBQ

Snow's BBQ

Vencil at Taylor Cafe'

Pit Tour at Louie Mueller's

Dining room at Louie Muellers



Roy Perez at Kreuz

One of the many pits at Kreuz

Oak pile at Smitty's

Pit room at Smitty's

Pit Tour at Black's BBQ

Cutting table at Black's

The spread at Franklin BBQ

The line waiting to get into Franklin's.

7:30 in the morning. 4th in line.

The grilling pit at The Salt Lick

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